(cluer) The Social Wishlist


How to add Clues to your Wishlists

You can add Clues to your Wishlists from within Qlooer or from anywhere in the web.

The easiest way to add Clues from the web is using the
'Qlooer' button.

Simply drag-and-drop this Qlooer button
into the Booksmark Bar of your browser.  (go to your browsers menu and select 'View Bookmarks Bar' ifnotvisible).

Once you have the
'Qlooer' button in your browser, when you are in any website and you see something you want just click that 'Qlooer' button and Qlooer will capture for you the image and information about the item.

Select a Category, select or create a new Wishlist and QlooIt !

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