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What is Qlooer?

Qlooer is a Social Wishlist

Qlooer lets you capture and share the things you really want from the web.

You can also browse Wishlists created by other people. Browsing Wishlists is a fun way to discover what other people want and get inspired from them. To get started, sign up for a new account.

What Can You Do with Qlooer?

Get information to buy the perfect gift to each person based in what they want!

No more stressing over having to buy a gift for someone. Or that afterthought about ‘did they really liked it?...’

Join Qlooer and enjoy buying and giving the perfect gifts to everybody. If they gave enough clues it will always be a surprise.

Get great gifts from your friends and family!

No more having to fake smile when you get that ugly scarf!

Invite them to Qlooer to share what they want and they will know what to get for you!

Capture ideas when you see something you like!

Did you ever go blank when someone asked you what you wanted?

With Qlooer you can always capture and save the things you want so you will remember ideas of things you want.

Our Mission

Our goal is to solve the ‘gifting problem’.  Giving and receiving gifts should be a much better experience for everybody involved.

We are hungry for feedback: Please write to Qlooermaster@Qlooer.com

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